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Jakarta E-Prix 2023 Will Have Two Races and Expand the Sport Automotive Concept.

Jakarta E-Prix 2023 Will Hold 2 Races, With a Business to Business Scheme and Stretching the Sport Automotive Concept

Head of Central IMI Bamsoet (center), together with Jakpro, Artha Graha Group, HIPMI and other Central IMI officials at the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 maturation meeting to be held next June 3-4

mobilinanews (Jakarta) – Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly and General Chair of the Central Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) Bambang “Bamsoet” Soesatyo together with JakPro, Artha Graha Group, and the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) finalized preparations for the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 (Formula E) which will be held on 3 and 4 June 2023 at the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit (JIEC), Ancol, North Jakarta.

Including technical business to business schemes, considering that the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 does not use APBD or APBN funds but purely from private funds through sponsorship.

“In accordance with President Joko Widodo’s directives, the promotion of the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 must be intensified to the fullest. This includes making the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 not only a sporting event, but also a driving force for economic growth. HIPMI under the chairmanship of General Chairman Akbar Himawan Buchari will directly participate help prepare MSME and entertainment booths in the Ancol area, as well as publications on various videotrons and media. So that the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 can have a big impact on MSMEs and the national economy,” said Bamsoet after the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 preparatory meeting, in Jakarta, Monday (27/2/2023).

Also attending were HIPMI Chairman Akbar Himawan Buchari, Artha Graha Group representative Johan Sutanto, JakPro Main Directors Iwan Takwin and Ivan C Permana, IMI Central Advisor Andi Rahmat, Deputy Chairperson of IMI Center Ananda Mikola and Junaidi Elvis, IMI Inter-Agency Relations Andrys Ronaldi Center, and Hasby Zamri’s Communication and Social Media

The chairman of the 20th DPR RI and former chairman of Commission III of the DPR RI in the field of law, human rights and security explained that the 2023 Jakarta E-Prix carries the concept of sport automotive and entertainment tourism.

Provide an extraordinary experience for the audience. Apart from watching the races, spectators can buy a variety of MSME products, enjoy the beautiful Ancol area, and at the same time be spoiled for entertainment by various entertainment activities such as live music from various national musicians to DJ parties.

“International DJ performances have been prepared. Including a national DJ with international quality, DJ Winky. The DJ’s performance can be seen on June 3, 2023 at the evening of the Concert Hall Ancol Beach City (Ancol Mall) after watching the Jakarta E-Prix 2023 race,” explained Bamsoet.

Deputy Chairperson of Pancasila Youth and Head of Law Enforcement, Defense and Security Relations at the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry added, the implementation of the Jakarta E-Prix 2022 has set a record as the most watched with a cumulative number of viewers from those who came directly to the circuit and through digital media, reaching 27.6 million viewers.

The Institute for Development of Economic and Finance analyzes that the 2022 Jakarta E-Prix will have a total economic impact of IDR 2.638 trillion for Jakarta or contribute 0.08 percent to Jakarta’s 2022 economic growth. 

“The 2022 Jakarta E-Prix also has an impact on gross regional domestic product growth of 0.105 percent or a value of IDR 2.041 trillion. We hope that this impact will increase at the 2023 Jakarta E-Prix. Apart from the economic impact, we hope that in the coming year local heroes will also be born. , international quality national racers who can participate in Formula E events, which can be the pride of Indonesia. This is a big task for IMI which must be completed immediately,” concluded Bamsoet. (bs)

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