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KPU Crosses Out One Former Convict’s Name From the Permanent DPD Candidate List

The Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) removed the name of a former convicted DPD member candidate from the Permanent Candidate List (DCT). The name was crossed out because he had not passed the 5 year hiatus period after being completely free.

“Based on information or data from law enforcement agencies, the cooling off period is not yet 5 years. There is one person in West Sumatra,” said Chairman of the Indonesian KPU Hasyim Asy’ari at the Indonesian KPU office, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday (3/11/ 2023).

Hasyim did not clearly explain the figure of the former convict. However, based on data from ICW, Irman Gusman’s name is listed as a potential DPD member candidate from West Sumatra.

Meanwhile, the total number of prospective DPD members who entered the DCT was 668 people. They consisted of 535 men and 133 women.

Hasyim said that the KPU would not give special marks to prospective DPD members with ex-convict backgrounds on the ballot paper. Because, according to him, it is not regulated in the law.

“There is also no provision in the law for marks to be given, there are none. But we have conveyed the information about who the names are at the end of the determination and announcement of the DCS (provisional list of candidates) to media friends so that the public can pay attention,” he explained.

For information, Irman Gusman is recorded as having served 3 terms in the DPD-RI. In the 2004 elections, Irman received 348,200 votes or 17.59 percent, which brought him to Senayan for the first time as a member of the DPD-RI. In the 2009 elections, he ran again and received 293,070 or 14.37 percent of the vote. During this period, Irman reached the position of Deputy Chair of the DPD-RI. In the 2014 elections, Irman received 407,443 votes or 17.88 percent and led him to become Chairman of the DPD-RI. However, he could not hold this position until the end of the term, namely 2019, because in 2016, he was involved in a corruption case and was arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission.

However, in 2019, Irman won the Judicial Review (PK) at the Supreme Court level and finally breathed free air on September 27 2019.

In the 2024 elections, Irman plans to return to the political stage by re-registering himself as a prospective member of the DPD-RI through the West Sumatra KPU, but his efforts ultimately fail.

Source: detiknews