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Drought Threatens 50 Hectares of Rice Fields in Morowali to Fail to Harvest

DROUGHT due to the long drought that is still hitting Morowali, Central Sulawesi, threatens to fail the crops of residents in the district.

One of the residents of Morowali, Mularman, admitted that approximately 50 hectares of their rice fields in Lantula Jaya Village, Wita Ponda District were in dire straits due to drought. Where, rice does not develop well because there is no water and the land is fragmented.

“The rice fields are dry, it’s no longer possible to harvest them,” he complained in front of Central Sulawesi DPRD Member, Huisman Brant Toripalu while collecting aspirations in the village, Tuesday (7/11).

Mularman explained that the drying out of the rice fields was also made worse by improvements to the Ungkaya Irrigation which is currently being rehabilitated. Also read: Drought is a Blessing, Duck Egg Production in Brebes Soars “Because the irrigation is still being worked on, the water supply to the rice fields has stopped completely. “That’s why this must be the government’s attention,” he added.

Responding to this complaint, Huisman hopes that the government will immediately provide intervention. According to him, a form of intervention from the government can be done by disbursing stimulus assistance for farmers who experience crop failure.

“The government can also promote crop diversification, with more diverse agricultural production,” he explained. Apart from that, continued Huisman, farmers can consider planting plant varieties that are more resistant to dry or hot conditions.

Including, several other things can also be done by the government, such as providing information, financial assistance, training or technical assistance in sustainable agricultural management. “This step, of course, is not only for farmers in Lantula Jaya, but all farmers affected by the drought in Central Sulawesi,” he said. (Z-10)

Source: Media Indonesia