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President Director of PLN Icon Plus Invites Millennials to Work in Totality for the Advancement of SOE

President Director of PLN Icon Plus, a Beyond kWh Subholding company from PLN GroupAri Rahmat Indra Cahyadi invites millennials to continue working in totality to provide their best work for the progress of Indonesian SOEs.

This invitation and motivation were conveyed by Ari Rahmat to the Rangers and Millennials when he appeared at the Telkomsel Leaders Talk event, on Wednesday, October 11, 2023. The event was packed with the typical style of millennials, relaxed but very informative and interactive.

“As a young generation in the SOE environment, millennials in working must be in totality by prioritizing the principles of integrity, loyalty, keep learning and always giving their best in working for the country as a basic capital in facing future challenges,” said Ari Rahmat.

Ari said this is in line with the spirit of Core Value AKHLAK launched by the Indonesian Minister of SOEErick Thohir. According to him, the space to work and innovate is very wide so millennials just focus on working to give their best at work.

“Results will follow what we have done,” he said.

Ari Rahmat is also a young generation figure in Indonesian SOEs who currently occupies the Top Management level. Ari Rahmat also shared his experience during his 20-year career, which has provided significant changes and progress, especially what he has done since becoming CEO at PLN Icon Plus.

“Since I took the lead at PLN Icon Plus, I have been pro-actively cooperating with other SOEs. This collaboration aims to optimize existing resources to provide value for SOEs. Here there is a role for Millennials in BUMN,” continued Ari Rahmat.

In an effort to achieve this goal, Ari Rahmat, who completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from ITB and master’s degree in Business from Prasetya Mulya University, added that he involves millennials who have abilities and expertise in all fields. Millennials are expected to provide innovative ideas and smart solutions in facing the growing challenges of Indonesian SOEs.

“We believe that millennials need to be given opportunities because they have great potential, especially with the rapid development of technology today. Collaboration of millennials across SOEs is also needed,” Ari said, which was greeted with enthusiasm from the participants.

“We are committed to continuing to provide the best work. By synergizing between SOEs and involving millennials, we are confident that we can face future challenges better and provide better services for the people of Indonesia,” concluded Ari Rahmat.