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DSADBM Surabaya Builds Water Channels and Pump House to Anticipate Floods

The Surabaya City Water Resources and Highways Service (DSDABM) is maximizing anticipatory steps to prevent flooding during the rainy season by normalizing and building water channels and pump houses in a number of areas.

Head of the Surabaya DSDABM Drainage Division, Windo Gusman Prasetyo, said that the construction of water channels at 200 location points was a step to prevent flooding in residential areas and protocol roads due to water queues when it rains.

“Canals, such as in Kedung Mangu, Kali Rungkut, Jagiran, Gresikan, Bronggalan 2, Manukan Lor, Manukan Utama, Tambak Deres, Ahmad Yani middle channel, Kedinding Lor, Dukuh Kupang 25, Dukuh Kupang 20, Jalan Randu, Margoejo,” said Windo in Surabaya, Wednesday

Apart from that, steps to normalize water channels have been implemented since early 2023.

Normalization is carried out to overcome sedimentation, both in primary, secondary and broadcast channels spread across Surabaya.

“We hope that we can channel rainwater so that when it rains there won’t be any puddles,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Surabaya City Government is also building pump houses at six locations, including the MERR, Undaan, Gresikan, Bulak, Kebraon and Bozem Aquatic areas.

Meanwhile, currently there are two additional new pump houses that are already operating, namely at Elveka Kebonsari and the Culinary Tourism Center (SWK) Karah which has been under construction since 2022.

Windo is optimistic that the construction of all pump houses can be completed by the end of 2023.

“There are pump houses in progress this year and there is one pump house at MERR already, the others are still under construction, God willing, everything will be finished by December,” said Windo.

Windo explained that the construction of the pump house also took into account the condition of the water flow in Surabaya, as is the case in Undaan, where the flow has always been focused on being channeled to the pump house in Tambak Wedi.

Therefore, the pump house was built in Undaan to divide and flow rainwater.

“The hope is that in the Undaan, Kalianyar, Kalisari and other areas it can flow to the Undaan Pump House and Kalimas Pump House,” he said.

Meanwhile, the pump house at MERR is expected to help the operation of the pump house at Kebun Agung which is the primary channel.

“It is hoped that this will help reduce the discharge entering the Kebun Agung Pump House,” he said.

Source: Antara Jatim