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Indicator Survey: 75.8% of Respondents are Satisfied with Jokowi’s Government

Indonesian Political Indicators released the results of a survey regarding the level of public satisfaction with President Jokowi’s government. As many as 75.8% of respondents said they were satisfied with the performance of the Jokowi government in various fields.

“Our latest data is 75.8%, so this survey from the end of October to the beginning of November is still quite good, 75.8%, even though compared to the survey in June at that time it was 81%, but in the current conditions we still got a gain of 75.8%, which is still okay,” ” said Political Indicator Founder Burhanuddin Muhtadi in the virtual release of the ‘Gibran Effect and Recent Electoral Dynamics’ survey, Sunday (12/11/2023).

Burhanuddin explained that this positive value was obtained from respondents in various categories. One of them is from an ethnic background.

“Overall, in general, President Jokowi gets positive marks in many categories based on gender, based on age, ethnicity, except for Minang, Minang are more dissatisfied, it seems like that has always been the case. Most of the others are satisfied, especially Batak, Batak ethnic group is 86.4% satisfied, Betawi satisfaction level is lower than Batak,” he explained.

In addition, there appears to be a different level of satisfaction between village residents and city residents. The level of satisfaction with Jokowi’s government in Maluku and Papua even reached 80%.

“Village residents are more satisfied than urban areas, the difference is also quite significant. Then for those who live in Banten and Sumatra, the level of satisfaction is lower than residents in other regions, especially Central Java, East Java, especially Maluku, Papua, the level of satisfaction is very high, above 80%,” he said.

“National social, economic and political evaluations show an interesting pattern. The more satisfied they are, the more positive their evaluation of the economy, politics, security, law enforcement and eradicating corruption,” he continued.

This Indicator Survey was conducted on 27 October-1 November 2023. The survey was carried out face-to-face with a sample size of 1,220 respondents in 38 provinces, with a margin of error of + 2.9% at a 95% confidence level.

Survey respondents are Indonesian citizens who have the right to vote, namely at least 17 years of age or older or married at the time the survey was conducted. The sampling method used was multistage random sampling. The data collection technique used was face-to-face interviews.

In general, are you very satisfied, quite satisfied, less satisfied or not at all satisfied with President Jokowi’s performance so far?

  • Very satisfied 16%
  • Quite satisfied 59.8%
  • Dissatisfied 21.6%
  • Dissatisfied 2.1%
  • No answer 0.5%

Source: Detik news