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This New Dating Term Has Become a Hot Topic of Conversation, What is ‘Delusionship’?

The new dating term ‘delusionship’ is being widely discussed. What is delusion?

This term first appeared on the social media platform TikTok. Yes, this platform always brings up new trends, especially regarding dating in the modern era.

Delusionship itself is basically a combination of the words ‘delusion’ and ‘relationship’. When combined, the two become ‘delusionship’.

Delusion or delusion itself means belief in something that is not true. In the world of mental health, delusions are also considered a disorder in thinking.

Quoting Healthline, delusions, along with hallucinations, are often the most common symptoms of psychosis. For example, delusions will make someone think they are a celebrity, even though they are not.

What is delusion?
But wait a minute, that doesn’t mean that delusion is related to a wrong mental condition. So, what is delusionship?

Delusionship is basically a romantic relationship that only exists in imagination. Someone may consider themselves to be in a romantic relationship. However, that only happened in his imagination, not in the real world.

“It’s infatuation with someone you have no relationship with,” said Bumble dating expert Caroline West, citing Glamor.

For example, you are attracted to someone on a dating app. You then imagine what it would be like to enjoy romantic moments with him on the beach, even though you have never actually met him.

In other words, delusionship is the fantasy of having a romantic relationship with someone.

“You were never mine, I just fantasized and thought that you fell in love with me too,” said one TikTok user explaining delusionship.

Delusion is normal, but…

Some psychologists argue that every individual must have fantasies without needing to make them pathological. This means that fantasy is a natural thing and is not always related to certain mental conditions.

The thing to worry about is when the fantasy becomes something more serious. The reason is, there is also the problem of ‘infatuation’ like this which turns into a certain mental condition.

“One of the biggest differences between infatuation and mental problems can be seen in the time spent,” said another psychologist Raquel Martin, citing USA Today.

If the fantasy lasts a long time and persists, making you continue to follow people you like on social media or even follow their lifestyle, then you need to be careful.

Martin provides several things to consider. For example, has your productivity decreased because you fantasize about it too often. Or, do fantasies about him make you unable to sleep?

If the answer to both is yes, then you need to be alert. What you experience could lead to certain mental conditions.

Source: CNN Indonesia