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QRIS Transactions in Jakarta Continue to Increase

BANK Indonesia DKI Jakarta Representative Office (KPw) noted that the number of QRIS transactions in the capital continues to increase. In 2022, the number of transactions using QRIS will be 4.5 million transactions. This number grew to 5.4 million transactions in the year to September.

“This amount contributes to 13% of QRIS use nationally,” said Head of BI KPw DKI Jakarta Arlyana Abubakar in a Media Talk in Bandung, West Java, Tuesday (14/11). Meanwhile, cumulatively, since QRIS was first launched in From September 2019 to September 2023, nationally, BI KPw DKI Jakarta recorded 504 million QRIS transactions.

“On average, there are 541 thousand QRIS transactions per month in Jakarta. South Jakarta occupies the position of the region with the largest QRIS transaction activity with 29.8%,” he said.

On the other hand, BI KPw DKI continues to encourage entrepreneurs in the capital to use QRIS, including through collaboration with the DKI Provincial Government and Perumda Pasar Jaya. “We have coordinated with Pasar Jaya so that almost all traders in the market already have QRIS,” he said. QRIS, he continued, has various benefits for entrepreneurs, especially MSME entrepreneurs who are just starting a business and establishing their own financial management.

“With QRIS, all transactions will be recorded neatly. From there you will see the entrepreneur’s profile. This information can be used by entrepreneurs to later develop their business,” he explained. Apart from that, QRIS also makes payment transactions easier where consumer money goes directly into bank accounts. entrepreneurs without having to go through a third party and running on the same day. BI is currently encouraging the use of QRIS between countries.

He said that the use of QRIS between countries will make it easier for tourists and Indonesian citizens who travel to ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Thailand. “So you can pay directly without having to exchange money into the currency of your travel destination. This makes it very easy. We encourage countries to “Countries that have committed to working together to hold QRIS between countries can implement it,” he stressed. (Z-8)

Source: Media Indonesia