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Jakarta to Introduce Anti-flexing Regulation for Civil Servants

Acting Jakarta governor Heru Budi Hartono on Wednesday said city officials were formulating a formal instruction that will effectively ban the city’s civil servants (ASN) from showing off or flexing their wealth in public. He said that the regulation was being discussed by Jakarta Secretary Joko Agus Setyono. 

“It is being discussed by the City Secretary,” said Heru at the city hall on April 5.

The regulation, in general, will oversee how a government employee lives, which includes wearing simple and modest attire. “Everything must have an ethical order, but still prioritize the work,” he explained. 

Two Jakarta officials were accused of flexing their wealth on social platforms, the first one was believed to be the wife and children of the head of the Transportation Agency’s Traffic and Road Transportation Operational Control Division Massdes Arouffy.

Another case was the Jakarta Head of Quality Improvement Section for Housing and Residential Areas Selvy Mandagi, who allegedly showed off his hotel reservation at the Kempinski luxurious hotel on social media with a total payment of Rp27 million. His post was brought to light by a Twitter account under the name @PartaiSocmed

Source : Tempo