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Eid Homecoming; Airlines Asked to Set Affordable Tariffs

Jakarta – Directorate General of Air Transport at the Transportation Ministry appealed to the airlines serving domestic flights to set affordable tariffs for economy class, considering the people’s purchasing power post the Covid-19 pandemic.

Air Transport Director General, Maria Kristi Endah Murni, said that this must be taken into consideration as it is nearing the 2023 Eid homecoming transport period. Entering the Eid holidays, he added that the need for air transportation is also increased.

“So we call on the airlines to pay attention to the implementation of economy class tariff that is affordable for the people,” he said in a written statement on Friday, April 2023.

Based on the previous projections, the peak of homecoming traffic will occur on April 19-21, and the return traffic on April 24-25. Considering that matter, Kristi said that passenger distribution is needed so it will not pile up at the peak of the homecoming travel period and return traffic period.

The implementation of affordable economy class tariffs, he said, is one of the options for the airlines. He also hopes that it could boost the recovery of commercial air transport, as well as support people’s mobility in traveling to their hometowns by using air transport. 

“In addition, the Eid transportation period of 2023 directly impacts on increasing the capacity and production capability of air transport for passengers, cargo, and posts nationally,” he remarked.

Source : Tempo