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4 Burnout Levels and the Characteristics

Jakarta – A psychologist Nadya Pramesrani said that burnout may happen due to excessive workload and inability to make decisions. She recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle to avoid mental fatigue or burnout during Ramadan fasting.

“Keep a healthy lifestyle habit by balancing physical exercise, diet, and enough sleep to avoid burnout during the fasting period,” said Nadya.

She also said that you have to set the expectation not to beyond your capabilities to avoid overthinking reactions. In addition, regular exercise will reduce stress as the body will feel tired and will respond quickly to rest.

“We have to know our capabilities, needs, and sleep pattern. It all matters, especially in this fasting month when the body does a lot of adaptations,” she explained.

Not to forget that environmental conditions and lack of social support are important factors in self-doubt which will result in burnout if left unchecked.

4 levels of burnout

Lack of self-confidence and self-sympathy, feelings of failure in the past, and if the effort put in is not commensurate with the results on one’s self will create frustration which leads to feelings of burnout.

“People sometimes don’t aware if they are in burnout condition or not, so if we see our closed ones showing signs of burnout, we must support them,” added Nadya.

According to the psychologist, there are four levels of burnout. The first is the light one, which is shown by headache, and fatigue in the back and other body parts, and that feels as if it doesn’t disappear even though you’ve rested.

The second one is the medium level. People will usually have difficulty sleeping, can’t be focused at work, and hard to stay focused. The third is the heavy level of burnout. In this phase, people tend to be antipathetic towards work, smoke excessively, and drink alcohol and drugs.

“Don’t let yourself be in an extreme level of burnout. People will usually avoid social interaction, even to the point of attempting suicide,” he explained.

Source : Tempo