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Tragic Murder at Universitas Indonesia: Student’s Body Hidden Under Bed

A horrifying incident unfolded on Friday, August 4, 2023, as a Universitas Indonesia (UI) student was murdered by a fellow senior in Kukusan, Beji, DepokWest Java.

The perpetrator, identified as Altafasalya Ardnika Basya, or
AAB (23), was a student from the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB). The victim, identified as Muhammad Naufal Zidan, or MNZ (19), was the perpetrator’s junior.

The lifeless body of MNZ was discovered around 10:00 AM at the crime scene, a room in a boarding house in Kukusan. Police found the victim’s body hidden under the bed, wrapped in a black plastic bag. Despite signs of an attempted cleanup, the room was in disarray.

The police questioned several witnesses and conducted a thorough examination of the victim. According to Deputy Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Metro Depok, AKP Nirwan Pohan, MNZ suffered multiple stab wounds to the chest.

“The injuries consist of stab wounds to the chest, there are quite a few, more than one stab wound,” Nirwan revealed at the Metro Depok Police Station.

MNZ’s body was taken to RS Polri Kramatjati, East Jakarta, for autopsy purposes.

Within a short span of fewer than three hours, the perpetrator was apprehended. Police recovered stolen items, including a MacBook laptop, wallet, and iPhone, at the crime scene.

Authorities later revealed that AAB’s motive for the murder was rooted in jealousy over MNZ’s success, financial difficulties, mounting debts for rent, and online loans (pinjol).

“Possessing envy over the victim’s achievements, coupled with financial struggles, rent arrears, and pinjol debts, the suspect resorted to stealing the victim’s laptop and phone,” explained AKP Nirwan Pohan at the Metro Depok Police Station on Friday, August 4, 2023.