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PPATK Reveals Online Gambling Transactions in Indonesia Nearing Rp200T

The head of the Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) Ivan Yustiavandana said that online gambling transactions in Indonesia almost reached Rp200 trillion. The number is a result of PPATK’s detection on online gambling sites.

“In total, [PPATK] detected nearly Rp200 trillion of online gambling transactions,” said Ivan in a written statement on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Ivan explained that the agency will continue to analyze and observe suspected parties to the transactions, including the influencers and celebrities known to promote online gambling.

However, Ivan tight-lipped on details of which parties are involved in online gambling promotion. He handed the verification process over to the investigators. 

“A verification is necessary, not only concerning the transaction, but also the fact of promoting online gambling which will be conducted by the investigators,” said Ivan.

Previously, the police’s Director of Cybercrime, Brigadier General Adi Vivid Agustiadi Bachtiar, stressed that the promotion of online gambling is punishable by law, according to Article 44 (2) in conjunction with Article 27 (2) of the ITE Law. The maximum sanctions are 6 years of prison and Rp1 billion of fines.

“We will take firm action against those promoting online gambling,” said Ivan when met on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

Police have frequently warned influencers against promoting online gambling. Ivan also reported that the police have bagged several names of said influencers.

“[The influencers] have been included in our observation. Thus we request those influencers to be the last ones involved. [The police] will conduct an examination and summon them for clarification, and if the requirements are fulfilled we will process [the case],” he concluded.