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Faced With Allegations of Infidelity, Virgoun Hopes for Restorative Justice

Indonesian singer Virgoun came to Polda Metro Jaya Police with his attorney Adrianus Agal. Police confronted Virgou with Tenri Ajeng Anisa and Inara Rusli. They were confronted regarding Inara‘s report on alleged infidelity and adultery.

Virgoun‘s attorney, Adrianus Agal, was reluctant to reveal the material content of the confrontation because it was the authority of the investigators. However, his party hopes that through this confrontation agenda, it will continue towards restorative justice.

“Today is a confrontation between us and Agung and Tenri, that’s the point. The points are all the authority of the investigators, we can’t open them here. It’s still a process,” said Adrianus Agal, at Polda Metro Jaya Police Headquater, as reported by pmjnews, Wednesday, October 17, 2023.

“There are no allegations of infidelity. More to restorative justice, that’s the direction,” continued Adrianus.

Adrianus said this restorative justice effort refers to Police Regulation Number 8 of 2021, concerning the handling of criminal acts based on restorative justice.

“All legal issues do not have to be resolved by legal means. The thing that is prioritized for settlement is using restorative justice. So I hope that with this restorative justice, everything will be resolved in a family manner,” explained Adrianus.

Virgoun Teguh Putra, Tenten, and Inara Rusli are known to have reported each other to the police. Tenten made the first police report regarding a defamation case after Inara Rusli exposed her alleged adultery with Virgoun through her uploads on social media accounts.

Reported by Tenten, Inara Rusli then reported Virgoun and Tenten for alleged adultery. Meanwhile, Virgoun defended himself by making a report against Inara Rusli regarding a case of illegal access.