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Riding a Trail Motorbike, Babinsa Explores Villages Through Difficult Terrain

The task of the Village Supervisory Officer (Babinsa) to guard against disturbances to the Public Order and Community Security of a village is quite difficult. Not to mention the steep road conditions seem to be a challenge for Babinsa to carry out security duties in its territorial area.

Based on research by the Indonesianews media journalist team, there are a number of villages in the Sluke District, Rembang Regency which are difficult to reach and quite challenging, the road is also quite uphill.
Especially during the rainy season, the roads between villages can be slippery and very dangerous.

Not to mention the danger of landslides. One of them is that cliff landslides often occur and block road access between villages. This is where Babinsa plays a role in continuing to help overcome community difficulties.

There are 4 areas in Sluke District that have terrain that is difficult to reach, including; Labuhan Kidul Village, Bendo Village, Rakitan Village, Sanetan Village. Some of the hamlets in this village have difficult to reach terrain and are quite challenging.

The Head of Bendo Village, Waikhotul Jamilah, said that there were two quite challenging hamlets in his area. The two hamlets include Manggar Suwung Hamlet and Jarang Duri Hamlet.
However, of the two hamlets, Manggar Suwung hamlet has quite difficult terrain. The hamlet is inhabited by 57 heads of families (KK).

He stated that Babinsa’s task when reaching the hamlet was very difficult.
According to him, Babinsa’s presence really helps secure the village which has a population of 2,684 people and is about 15 kilometers from Sluke District.
“However, currently Bendo Village does not have a Babinsa, it is still in vacuum. “We hope it will be filled soon because it will help provide security in the village, especially ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections,” he asked.

Danramil 08/Sluke CBA Captain Juli Eko Triono said that Babinsa’s role was really needed to help secure the village. That’s why it must be facilitated with sufficient and adequate facilities to support success in carrying out its duties.
“Here there are 7 trail type motorbikes that Babinsa uses for operations to reach a number of villages which are quite challenging and require special vehicles,” he said.

In this area there are several villages where the terrain is quite difficult. Moreover, during the rainy season, landslides often occur, Babinsa needs to be prepared to act quickly to help the community.

He said that there are several villages that are prone to landslides. Such as Bendo Village, Des Sanetan, Rakitan Village, Manggar Village and Labuhan Kidul Village. (Trisno/Aziz).

Source: Indonesia News