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Cimahi Targets by 2025 Not to Throw Rubbish Into Landfill

The Cimahi City Government is preparing its own waste management site. They are targeting that in the next two years they will no longer throw rubbish into landfills along with other areas in Greater Bandung. “In my second week as Acting Mayor of Cimahi, one of the focuses of my attention and priorities is waste.

“We are looking for a solution to contribute to waste management in Greater Bandung, especially in Cimahi,” said the Acting Mayor of Cimahi, Dicky Saromi, Friday (3/11). He targets that Cimahi will no longer throw rubbish into the shared landfill by 2025.

To ensure the extent of the planned waste management program, his party has monitored a number of TPS such as Santiong and Pasar Atas. “One of the handling methods is using gibrik machines to reduce waste. There are also other management efforts such as composting and magotization which are managed by the region, in collaboration with private parties. “, and others. I checked, it turned out that a number of programs were running as planned,” he explained.

The volume of waste produced in the Cimahi area reaches 226 tons per day. When conditions at the Sarimukti TPA were normal, Cimahi City’s disposal quota reached 170 tons, the remaining 56 tons were managed at the RT/RW, TPS, used goods dealers, and other levels. “After the Sarimukti TPA fire incident, Cimahi City’s quota became 120 tons, so the remaining “What must be processed increases. In 2024, Cimahi City’s quota will be 77 tonnes, meaning 149 tonnes of waste must be processed itself. This is a special concern,” he said.

According to Dicky, TPS Santiong will be Cimahi City’s flagship project in waste management. “This is the location for Cimahi’s future in waste management. So we no longer depend on any TPA. It will be finished in Cimahi,” he said. Dicky explained that his party’s efforts in handling waste are supporting the program running at TPS Santiong as a central government assistance project. “The area is around 0.5 hectares with a processing capacity of up to 50 tons per day. By 2025 we will no longer depend on landfills,” he explained. Two locations. Head of the Cimahi City Environmental Service, Chanifah Listyarini, added that the two waste processing locations prepared are in Lebaksaat. and Santiong.

The construction is targeted to be completed next year. “The cost is around IDR 30 billion with assistance from the center. The plan is that the construction will be finished in March. So if we calculate that when it is finished in March, all the equipment will be ready, so it can be used,” he said.

Chanifah explained that the two locations had different functions. The processing point in Santiong functions from sorting to chopping waste because the equipment is more complete. From the conveyor belt which functions to sort waste based on type to the waste chopping machine. “The Lebaksaat one is specifically for maggotization. There aren’t too many tools because all the shredding is done in Santiong,” he explained. (SG)

Source: Media Indonesia