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Not Only Ports, the Pantura Route Also Opens Up Gaps in Drug Circulation

Addictive substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

Prevention and Eradication of Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking (P4GN) continues to be massively boosted by the Rembang Police Narcotics Investigation Unit (Satres).

One of the efforts to prevent the distribution and abuse of drugs is through the declaration of a Resilient Village Free from Drugs which was held symbolically in 13 villages in Sluke District, Rembang Regency.

The event, which was held at the Sluke Subdistrict Hall on Wednesday, 01/11/2023, presented the Head of Rembang Police Narcotics Research Unit, Forkompincam, Village Heads from all over Sluke Subdistrict, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders and Youth Organization Representatives.

A number of issues surrounding the dangers of drug crime and prevention efforts have emerged. One of them was conveyed by the Chairman of the Sluke Subdistrict Village Head Association, Subaedi. The Head of Jatisari Village mentioned and indicated that there were allegations of drug trafficking which was quite open and possible via sea at the Sendangmulyo Village Harbor, Sluke District.

He said it was suspected that the crime was using the port to distribute drugs by sea.
“Moreover, the lack of security officers in the area makes it possible to open up access to crimes involving drug trafficking and abuse in Plabuhan,” he said.

However, this is still an indication that further investigation is needed by security officers, the most important thing is to protect children from being affected by drugs.

In the question and answer session, one of the residents of Langgar Marjut Village said that the dangers of drugs are not only at the port in Sendangmulyo Village, but more than a number of truck drivers who come to the Sluke area also need to be wary of.

Head of Rembang Police Narcotics Investigation Unit AKP M. Sulhan Mulyadi said that there were 234 targeted drug-free tough villages in Rembang Regency. In the Rembang Regency area there were 128 that had been planned.
The construction will continue in Pancur District and Sulang District.

He said that the aim of establishing a Resilient Drug-Free Village is in accordance with presidential instruction number 20 regarding P4GN for each area of Rembang Regency. We will form it and then launch it.

When asked about indications of possible drug trafficking at Sluke Harbor, M. Sulhan Mulyadi emphasized that he did not rule out the possibility due to the influx of people in and out of the Sluke area. Driver from Surabaya to Jakarta.
“We are still investigating, if drug abuse or distribution is found, we will handle it with law enforcement,” he stressed.
So that the Rembang Regency area is free from illicit drug trafficking.

Regarding follow-up steps after the declaration of a drug-free village, Sluke Moch District Head. Ansori said that the next steps for villages from 14 sub-districts to be implemented in the field would be budgeted for in the 2024 APBDes so that this activity could continue continuously.

Where the collaboration between Rembang Police and Rembang Regency was broken down to the sub-districts, it ran smoothly, especially to combat drugs. (Trisno/Aziz).

Source: Indonesia News