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Suicide Rates Increase, Coach Rheo Reminds Mental Burden as a Trigger

INDONESIA is facing crucial problems related to mental health. A study found that the suicide rate in Indonesia due to mental disorders could be four times higher than official data.

For the period January-June 2023, the National Police reported that there were 663 cases of suicide in Indonesia. This figure increased by 36.4% compared to the same period in 2021 (486 cases). “Suicide cases are increasing in Indonesia, even throughout the world.

“Economic pressure is one of the causes of creating mental burdens in a person’s soul,” said Mind Technology Expert Coach Rheo in his statement, Monday (6/11).

Suicide cases, according to Coach Rheo, tend to be triggered by mental health disorders with various problems. Among them are gender-based violence, bullying, cyber violence in various modes, diseases that are difficult to cure, economic pressure and other problems.

“This burden is often stored forever in the recesses of a person’s soul. It’s getting harder to live life day by day. “Moreover, with the presence of developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, many people are desperate to lose their livelihoods,” said the US Certified Facilitator Access Consciousness mental health expert, Certified Hypnotist, and Hypnotherapist (Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy).

The expert who is currently compiling the book Divine Oracular Assistance – Tension Releasing Technique Online (D.O.A TRTO) said that mental burden is like a parasite. It’s hard to lose from someone’s soul.

Related to this, Coach Rheo underwent tens of thousands of hours of practice and study in the field of mind and soul technology. He also received validation from Associate Meta Coach (Meta Coach Foundation, Colorado, USA), and Master Practitioner Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Society Florida, USA ).

Coach Rheo is now continuing to develop a mental healing method which he calls DOA Physio Psychotherapy. A psychotherapy system that targets the physiological side of humans. This system uses a completely different strategy from the existing psychological or biological approach systems, both medical and pharmaceutical.

“If psychology is like brain software, and biology is hardware, there is another gap that has not been touched so far, namely the physiology (operating system) side,” explained Coach Rheo.

According to Coach Rheo, what is interesting is how to deactivate the physiological reaction caused by the amygdala hijack phenomenon (the part of the organ responsible for feelings and emotions) so that it can make the body’s reactivity to trauma neutral.

“So, forget about being healthy, don’t just go neutral yet. People who are sick need to recover first (neutral position), then talk about health.” “Like someone who falls off a motorbike and breaks a bone, don’t teach them to drive well so they don’t crash or fall.

“He needs to heal broken bones, then education after that,” said the mental neutrality expert whose full name is Caezarro Rey Abishur. 30 years, he has been to many places, still not cured.

“Surprisingly, I felt calm after Coach Rheo explained the emotional burden so quickly,” said NN. Coach Rheo admitted that a number of artists, influencers, business owners, came to him just to get rid of the mental burden. (RO/S-2)

Source: Media Indonesia