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Deputy Head of Surabaya DPRD Encourages Optimization of Resilient Youth Scholarship Program

Deputy Chairperson of the Surabaya DPRD, Laila Mufidah, encouraged the flagship Resilient Youth Scholarship program to run optimally. Efforts to optimize scholarship quotas for high school and university students must be utilized.

“Everyone must work together to make the best Resilient Youth Scholarship program a success. Next year, efforts will be made for this program. All quotas must be utilized. Don’t let anyone who is entitled to receive a scholarship not even know,” said Laila Mufidah, in a written statement, Tuesday (7/11/ 2023).

The Surabaya City Government has made this scholarship program one of its priority programs. Especially when you see that high school level education has been transferred to East Java Province. The Surabaya City Government officially provides assistance for residents to be able to pursue high school education by providing scholarship assistance.

Later, every month students will be announced who have passed as scholarship recipients and are entitled to assistance of IDR 200,000 per month. The hope is that this scholarship can reduce the burden on students in Surabaya, especially from Gakin, the usual monthly tuition fees. This is also a form of anticipation of dropping out of school or completing 12 years of compulsory education.

Not only at high school level, the Surabaya City Government also runs the Resilient Youth Scholarship program for college level. For high school graduates and even those who are currently studying, you can get this scholarship, UKT Single Tuition Fee) will be covered. Students who receive scholarships will also receive a monthly allowance of IDR 500,000 and a book allowance of IDR 750,000 per semester.

“We invite all Surabaya residents, especially underprivileged or Gakin residents, to take advantage of this scholarship. They must be prioritized,” continued Laila.

This female politician from PKN continues to support this superior program in the field of education. Including during the budgeting process for the 2024 scholarship program. The DPRD will support and ask for it to be utilized optimally. In 2023 alone, IDR 80 billion is budgeted for the Pemudah Tangguh Scholarship.

Laila was upset when she received information that the scholarship program was not running optimally this year. When registration opened, the scholarship quota for high school level which reached 13,415 had not been utilized optimally. Even at the end of the closure, there were still many who had not used the scholarship quota of tens of thousands.

“It’s a shame to miss it. 2024 must be more optimized. Outreach to residents must be more massive,” stressed Laila.

He was surprised that the people of Surabaya did not know about the existence of this scholarship. In this era of digitalization, scholarship information should be more easily accessible to citizens and high school students. Moreover, as stated in the initial spirit, this scholarship is prioritized for Gakin residents or low-income residents (MBR). Laila is sure that if the residents find out, they will come after her.

“Ideally, for Gakin students, there is no need for the Resilient Youth Scholarship to require high levels of achievement. Yesterday this requirement was noted. Next year, especially for Gakin students, it should be made easier,” said Laila.

He hopes that the entire 2023 Resilient Youth Scholarship quota will be utilized. Laila also expressed her desire for the entire scholarship quota to be utilized by residents by fulfilling the applicable terms and conditions. Especially for Gakin residents, it is hoped that there will be exceptions.

Laila expressed her appreciation for the Surabaya City Government’s efforts to maximize the Resilient Youth Scholarship at the tertiary level. Currently, the total scholarship recipients reach 3,186 students. In detail, there were 524 recipients in semester 1, semester 3 1,158 students, semester 5 with 543 students, semester 6 with one person and semester 7 with 690 students.

Source: Detik News