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Minister Shares Agenda for Fostering Youth Toward Golden Indonesia

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, shared the agenda for fostering youth toward realizing the Golden Indonesia 2045 goal at the national working meeting of the Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI) here.

The younger generation is the backbone of the nation and will bear great responsibility in realizing the nation’s ideals, he said at the meeting on Saturday.

One of Indonesia’s aspirations is to become an independent, sovereign, just, and prosperous country by 2045, when it celebrates 100 years of independence, he added.

“As a nation that has rich natural resources and extraordinary diversity, Indonesia has a big vision, namely Golden Indonesia 2045,” he said.

He added that 2045 is 22 years away and the current young generation, especially those aged 18 and above, will be the leaders of the nation by then.

“When they are 35 years old and above, they will lead (assume leadership positions) in Indonesia. If we live until old age, we can witness it,” he said.

Indonesia, with its current gross domestic product (GDP) of US$5 thousand per capita, is expected to become a developed country with a GDP of US$30,600 per capita.

Effendy said that Indonesia needs to boost its current GDP by 6 times to achieve the goal.

“We are not there yet, even though our current (economic) growth is relatively better compared to the 20 major countries,” he explained.

Acting governor of South Sulawesi, Bahtiar Baharuddin, said that ICMI’s national working meeting provided insights about the domestic political contestancy in 2024.

All presidential candidates were invited to share their strategies for building Indonesia at the forum.

Baharuddin said that the forum was held in Makassar as it is considered conducive and many national political figures have come from the city.

Source: ANTARA News