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The Notes in Jungkook Bts’s Yes or No and Taylor Swift’s Daylight Are Considered the Same, How Come?

Music fans around the world may often find similarities in notes or musical elements between different songs.

This time, the notes between the song Yes or No sung by Jungkook BTS on his latest album Golden and the song Daylight sung by Taylor Swift are thought to be the same. Several music fans and fans of the two artists have noted the possible similarity of notes in the two songs.

This created discussion and speculation on various social media platforms. Even though the two are different artists and come from different musical genres, there are several elements in the tunes that are considered to appear similar. These similarities are thought to focus on certain melodic parts and tones in both songs.

Some listeners have pointed out that there are moments in Jungkook’s Yes or No that sound similar to parts of Taylor Swift’s Daylight.

This includes possible similarities in chord progressions and vocal melodies. Here are similar parts of the two songs.

And if it’s better to bet on us, then I’ll double down And if we end up in bed and I put the covers out And if I’m wrong, I’ll just bury my head deep underground

Maybe you ran with the wolves and refused to settle down Maybe I’ve stormed out of every single room in this town.

It is important to note that tonal similarities between songs can be subjective and depend on the listener. Such similarities may arise by chance or as a result of general musical inspiration. This is common in the music industry, where artists are often inspired by previous works and create their own music with diverse references and influences.

To date, there has been no official statement from Jungkook, Taylor Swift, or their music producer regarding this similarity in tone. Sometimes, artists and producers can provide clarification or explain elements in their music that may bring up similarities.

In the rich and diverse world of music, tonal similarities between songs can be an interesting topic of debate among fans. However, it is important to take an objective and open approach to inspiration and influence in music. (Z-10)

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