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Depok City PTSL Target 2023 Reaches 84 Percent

The Head of the Depok City National Land Agency (BPN), Indra Gunawan, expressed optimism that the target for Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) in 2023 would be achieved. This is in line with PTSL’s target achievement which has now reached 84.76 percent of the target of 3,000 land plots.

According to Indra Gunawan, from the original target of 1,900 plots of land to 3,000 Land Rights Certificates (SHAT) set for 2023, 2,543 plots of land have been realized. Meanwhile, the remaining 457 plots of land are still in the process of collecting juridical data in several sub-districts.

“We are optimistic that the PTSL target in 2023 can be achieved thanks to the encouragement of the ATR BPN Ministry. “We just have to chase the rest from several sub-districts where juridical data is being collected,” said Indra Gunawan to journalists, Wednesday, November 8 2023.

Indra explained that PTSL is a central government program which aims to provide legal certainty and protection of land rights for the community. With PTSL, people can have proof of legal land ownership that is registered with BPN.

“PTSL is also useful for increasing the economic value of land, facilitating access to capital, and preventing land disputes. “We hope that people can make good use of this program and immediately register their land,” said Indra Gunawan.

Indra Gunawan added that the PTSL process in Depok City was carried out free of charge and without any fees. He appealed to the public not to easily trust parties who offer PTSL management services for a certain fee.

“We invite the public to jointly monitor and report if there are individuals who try to take advantage of the PTSL program for personal or group interests. “We also appreciate the community’s cooperation and participation in supporting this PTSL program,” explained Indra Gunawan.

Depok City BPN continues to encourage accelerated management of land assets belonging to the Depok City Government. This is in line with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was carried out between the Depok City BPN and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on July 11 2023 in Bandung, West Java.

The MoU aims to increase transparency, accountability and integrity in the implementation of land services in Depok City.

Indra Gunawan emphasized that the Mou implemented was an effort to secure and save assets belonging to the regional government.

Apart from that, Indra Gunawan also emphasized the importance of accelerating the management of land assets owned by the Depok City Government, accompanied by cooperation to carry out inventory, verification and certification of land assets owned by the Depok City Government.

“We hope that with the land title certificate, the Depok City Government can have legal proof of ownership and be registered with BPN. “This can also prevent land disputes and increase the economic value of Depok City Government land assets,” he said.

Indra Gunawan added that Depok City BPN also continues to strive to improve the quality of service to the community. One of them is by implementing electronic-based technology, such as electronic certificates, online service applications, and land management information systems.

“We want to provide convenience and comfort to the community in dealing with land issues. “We also continue to carry out outreach and education to the public about the importance of having a land title certificate which is strong legal evidence and legalizes land status,” concluded Indra Gunawan. (Eka)

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