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MENPAN-RB Confirms There Are No Ordal Steps in the CASN Test: Scores Come Out Immediately

Starting today, Thursday (9/11), the state civil service candidate (CASN) test officially begins and is carried out in stages according to schedule. A total of 1.85 million eligible applicants will take a series of tests using the Computer Assisted Test (CAT).

Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abdullah Azwar Anas asked test takers to believe in their respective abilities. Don’t believe it if there are people or institutions that claim to be able to help pass the CASN selection.

Anas also explained that the use of CAT in the CASN test series cannot be intervened by anyone. Therefore, he emphasized that there would be no more fraud, especially through insider interference.

“There are no longer any stories of being left behind. There are no tricks using insider power. Everyone uses CAT, the scores come out immediately, live scores. Like today’s test at BKN, parents and the public are busy watching the live score of the test results on the screen. provided in the BKN canteen,” explained Anas in a written statement, Thursday (9/11/2023).

He emphasized this when reviewing the implementation of the Attorney General’s CASN test at the State Civil Service Agency (BKN) office. Together with Plt. Head of BKN Haryomo Dwi Putranto and Deputy Attorney General for Development Bambang S. Rukmono, he also monitored the selection process.

“Where do you come from, which graduates? There are lots of fresh graduates, right?” Anas asked a number of participants.

Together with the participants, Anas had a casual dialogue just before the gay walking test. He also emphasized that the CASN selection was a momentum to believe in one’s abilities.

“Have you asked for your parents’ blessing? That’s the key, you know,” said Anas.

“I congratulate all of you, because not all of those who registered met the requirements to get to this test stage,” he explained.

Furthermore, Anas explained that in 2023, the government has determined 572,496 ASN formations, with details of 72 central government agencies totaling 78,862 ASN, and regional governments 493,634 ASN.

He also said that the government has established a policy to meet the needs of ASN from 2023 to 2030. These include the education sector and the health sector with a positive growth scheme, meaning they are still allowed to add employees.

There is also a zero growth functional technical personnel sector (efforts are made to balance the number of retiring personnel and new recruitment), and negative growth implementing technical personnel (no consideration for new recruits).

Source: detiknews