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U-17 World Cup Results: Indonesia vs Ecuador Draw in Fierce Match

The Indonesian U-17 national team drew 1-1 against Ecuador in the 2023 U-17 World Cup match at the Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium, Friday (10/11).
Indonesia managed to score the first goal against Ecuador. The Indonesian U-17 National Team’s goal was scored by Arkhan Kaka in the 22nd minute.

This goal started from Riski Afrisal’s stab on the left side. Riski was able to penetrate the Ecuadorian defenders and deliver a horizontal pass.

Ecuador goalkeeper, Cristhian Loor tries to cut the ball that passes in front of the goal. However, the ball touched by Loor actually went towards Arkhan Kaka who was standing in front of the goal. Arkhan Kaka put the ball into the goal without difficulty.

The joy of the Indonesian U-17 National Team only lasted six minutes. Ecuador striker Allen Obando scored the equalizer in the 28th minute. Santiago Sanchez’s cross was headed by Obando who was standing freely in front of the goal.

In general, the Indonesian U-17 National Team was able to match Ecuador in the first round. The score was 1-1 at the end of the first half.

Ecuador’s pressure became more visible in the second half. In the 53rd minute, Michael Bermudez threatened the Indonesian U-17 National Team’s goal. Sulthan Zaky struggled to secure the goal and received treatment because he suffered a collision in the chaos.

Bermudez again failed to score in the 56th minute. He was unable to complete a mature cross that was aimed at him in front of the goal.

Two minutes later, Ikram Al Giffari appeared to be having problems after catching the ball. He then received treatment and was able to continue playing.

In the 61st minute, Jehan Pahlevi fell on the field. He was having problems with his legs. Jehan could not continue the game and was replaced by Nabil Ashura.

Indonesian players are having problems again. In the 70th minute it was Ji Da Bin’s turn to fall while kicking the ball.

Three minutes later, Bima Sakti decided to field the last two substitutes, namely Achmad Zidan and Tonci Shouter, to replace Ji Da Bin and Kafiatur Rizky. It is hoped that these two players can become new energy in the midfield of the Indonesian U-17 National Team, which began having difficulty keeping up with Ecuador in the second half.

The Indonesian U-17 national team was finally able to pose a threat in the second half through Hanif Ramadhan in the 75th minute. Hanif fired a long-range shot but the ball still deviated to the left side of the goal.

With the presence of a number of substitute players, the Indonesian U-17 National Team’s midfield looks alive again. Achmad Zidan also threatened with a shot from outside the penalty box.

In the 85th minute, Keny Arroyo received a yellow card after falling in the Indonesian penalty box while fighting for the ball with Welber Jardim. Arroyo is considered to have dived at that moment.

In the 89th minute, Ikram made a brilliant save against Ecuador’s attack which was launched via a set piece scheme.

Due to the many moments when the match was stopped, extra time for Indonesia vs Ecuador reached 13 minutes. Ecuador then introduced three substitute players at once during injury time, namely Isaac Sanchez, Geremy De Jesus, and Yorkaeff Caicedo.

Indonesia is not just defending but also trying to attack in the remaining time available. No additional goals were scored and the score remained 1-1 until the end of the match.


Indonesia (4-3-3)

Ikram Al Giffari; Welber Jardim, Iqbal Gwijangge, Sulthan Zaky, Andre Pangestu (Rizdjar Nurviat 44); Kafiatur Rizky (Tonci Shouter 73), Figo Dennis (Hanif Ramadhan 65), Ji Da Bin (Achmad Zidan 73); Jehan Pahlevi (Nabil Ashura 65), Arkhan Kaka, Riski Afrisal

Ecuador (4-5-1)

Christian Loor; Jair Collahuazo, Ivis Davis, Jesus Polo, Elkin Ruiz (Yorkaeff Caicedo 90); Jairo Reyes (Erick Zambrano 76), Keny Arroyo (Geremy De Jesus 90), Michael Bermudez (Yandri Vasquez 76), Juan Rodriguez, Santiago Sanchez (Isaac Sanchez 90); Allen Obando

Source: CNN Indonesia