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Indonesia Govt to Begin MLFF Trial on Mandara Toll Road in Bali This December

The Highways DG at the PUPR Ministry will conduct a multi-lane free flow (MLFF) trial run in December 2023 at Bali Mandara Toll Road in Bali.

“We have prepared the pilot project in Bali this December, the trial will be only be conducted at one gate in Bali,” said Highways DG Hendy Rahadian as quoted from Antara today, Friday, Nov. 10.

To start, the trial will be conducted on a small scale before gradually expanding into all operated toll gates. The Highways DG has coordinated with PT Roatex Indonesia Toll System (RITS) to synchronize the systems.

“We will evaluate the result and if there are no issues, we will expand the program into other [toll] gates in Bali,” he said.

According to Hendy, the MLFF system has been installed on Jagorawi Toll Road and the Jakarta Outer Ring Road. However, it has not been operated and the development is still in progress.

Payment Mechanism for MLFF

Concerning the payment, the head of the Toll Road Management Agency Danang Parikesit mentioned that it will be conducted through the Cantas application. This application is part of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

“The drivers must install the application first and register the vehicles. The data will be connected with the plate number and the satellite will recognize your device,” he said.

After the drivers download the Cantas application, they are directed to fill in the vehicle’s data in the application and choose their preferred payment methods for the toll road.

The GPS in the application will be connected with satellites to detect the vehicle’s location. Once detected, the system will automatically tap-matching the vehicle while passing the toll gate. The application also measures the distance to calculate the toll fare.

Other payment mechanisms are offered namely OBU and Electronic Route Ticket. For OBU, drivers must purchase the OBU device first and register their vehicles into its system. Meanwhile, with the Electronic Route Ticket, drivers must choose the entry and exit gates they will pass before purchasing a one-time ticket for payment.

Source: Tempo.co