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ITF Sunter Provided Parking for the U-17 World Cup at JIS for the Committee

The 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup match was held at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) tonight. The Sunter Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF) area is provided as additional parking space for the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). However, this parking facility is not for general visitors, but only for the committee.

Based on detikcom monitoring on Jalan Sunter Barat, Saturday (11/11/2023), buses and cars belonging to the U-17 World Cup event committee were seen parked in a row in the ITF area. Buses and cars enter through the east side gate, which is the ITF’s closest access to JIS.

When detikcom approached ITF Sunter, which was said to be the JIS parking location, the committee officer guarding it said the parking lot was only reserved for buses and committee cars.

Right next to the east gate of the ITF, there is a police post just under the flyover. Police and Transportation Department officers also started guarding the JIS area.

Along the sidewalks, the JIS area is filled with local residents setting up their stalls. Starting from snacks, iced drinks, to heavy meals.

Traffic conditions around the JIS area looked busy. Spectators for the U-17 World Cup are starting to arrive at the location. Transportation Agency officers direct visitors who want to park their vehicles in the direction of Kemayoran.

Source: detiknews