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Poland Important Partner for Indonesia: Finance Minister

Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated that Poland is a very important partner for Indonesia.

Indrawati also lauded Poland as a country with excellent economic growth and a low unemployment rate of 2.9 percent, adding that Poland plays a crucial role in the European Union’s economic landscape.

“Nowadays, Poland steps as a dynamic force within the European Union as the sixth-largest economy with remarkable growth and an impressively low unemployment rate of 2.9 percent,” she remarked at the National Day of the Republic of Poland event in Jakarta on Friday.

The minister also noted that bilateral trade between Indonesia and Poland in 2022 had risen by 60.7 percent in 2022 as compared to that recorded in 2021.

According to Indrawati, Poland’s investment in Indonesia has increased by 324 projects since 2019.

“In 2023 alone, investment realization has reached 106 projects. This is twice as many as the previous year,” she stated.

She further noted that those investments focused on sectors, such as transportation, especially railway and the maritime industry, as well as in other sectors comprising mining, defense industry, education, and tourism.

In addition, it was said that the two countries are always exploring more opportunities for collaboration, such as in the field of energy transition, which is deemed crucial to overcoming climate problems.

Indrawati expressed optimism that relations between Indonesia and Poland would continue to develop in the future, adding that coexisting peacefully is currently of utmost importance.

“I believe the future is filled with great promises for both nations, and together, we have the potential to achieve remarkable feats in the spirit of unity and optimism,” she remarked.

“Let us work hand in hand to strengthen our bilateral relations and shape a brighter and more prosperous future,” she affirmed.

Source: Antara News