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PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara Supports Digital Transformation of the Retail Industry

The current development of the retail world is increasingly competitive, consumers like service that is fast, easy, and provides a satisfying in-store and online customer experience.

This makes retail entrepreneurs required to provide the best service. To support this, PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara as a provider of information, communication and technology solutions participates in annual retail exhibitions, namely the Ina Shop Expo and Salon International de I’alimentation (SIAL Interfood) at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

InaShop is an international exhibition for retail equipment and technology which is held simultaneously with the SIAL Interfood Exhibition. This activity brings together players in the retail (food and beverage) industry, with solution providers and also national and international consumers.

This event was attended by hundreds of companies from 20 countries. CEO of PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara, Christian Liadinata, said that his party supports the Indonesian retail industry in responding to challenges, so that it can develop more rapidly, expand, even into the global market with the role of digital technology. “Current consumers prefer a service system that is fast, accurate, safe, easy, and can be accessed from various channels,” said Christian Liadinata. The retail world, from MSMEs to large industries, has the same opportunity to develop from national to global markets, by doing business transformation with digital technology and automation.

To facilitate product promotion more dynamically and in real time, digital banners/posters are needed that can be used for 1 outlet, or tens, hundreds, or even thousands of outlets that can be managed and monitored centrally. In order to help MSMEs or retailers who do not yet have promotional media , expanding markets, increasing sales, branding on a national and international scale, a business strategy that can be implemented is providing a website. Where PT Murni also provides an instant website, so that MSMEs can easily and quickly have their own website with an affordable investment.

“PT Murni Solusindo Nusantara, with more than 31 years of experience as a solution provider in Indonesia for various industries including retail, is ready to provide solutions that suit your needs to achieve successful business transformation which is expected to help retailers to develop, expand markets and increase sales nationally to the global market,” he explained.

On the other hand, Aprindo Chairman Roy Mandey emphasized that the current retail usage trend is towards IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and also ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) solutions. “What can be directly applied from ICT, what can be immediately seen in retail is the use of digital smart signage, business process automation, and digital platforms to increase exposure, sales, income and marketing nationally and globally. This is a digital transformation that is currently starting developing in all modern retail members of Aprindo,” said Roy Mandey. (RO/R-2)

Source: Media Indonesia