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Ministry of Health Launches Electronic Medical Records, What’s Its Function?

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) launched an electronic medical record (RME) which is integrated into the Satusehat application. The launch was carried out at the National Health Day (HKN) exhibition which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Saturday, November 11 2023.

“Starting today, the public can officially access their personal medical resumes online on Satusehat mobile. This is one of the Ministry of Health’s major achievements in bringing innovation and efficiency to health services through digitalization,” said Chief Digital Transformation Office (DTO) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health Setiaji in written statement in Jakarta, Sunday, November 12 2023.

Setiaji said patients can see their visit history, doctor’s diagnosis, and medication given at health service facilities that have used RME through their respective management information systems and integrated with the Satusehat application.

“If people have previously registered as patients and received treatment at the health facility, at least from September 2022, all previously recorded RME data will also be automatically synchronized with this feature,” he said.

To experience these benefits, said Setiaji, people must first verify their profile (blue tick) at the 36 vertical hospitals that can be accessed on the Satusehat mobile application.

He explained the benefits of this application eliminates the possibility of repeated examinations or the need to carry physical medical record files when patients want to change health facilities.

“This is also useful for cases of medical emergencies for patients in health facilities. Medical personnel only need to access the patient’s RME, then all of their medical history will appear to avoid potential errors and speed up decisions on what action to take,” he said.

Setiaji said that the launch of RME was carried out after this program had previously passed the testing phase of sending patient data (interoperability test) electronically in 18 health facilities.

Satusehat application data as of November 11 2023 reports that there are 2,498 health facilities that have been integrated. Setiaji stated that his party would continue to strive to encourage this number to increase until all health facilities in Indonesia could be digitalized and integrated with the Satusehat application.

Source: Tempo.co