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Dad, Don’t Forget to Invite Your Little One to Play, Here Are the Benefits

There are several benefits to children playing with their father. Anything?

Accompanying your little one is not only a mother’s job, but also a father’s. Fathers are also expected to play a role in helping children’s growth and development. One way is to play together. This method lets your little one know that their father is always present in their life.

“A great father is a father figure who has several important qualities in educating and caring for his children,” said clinical psychologist Danang Baskoro, some time ago.

According to Danang, a father is a figure who is full of love and care for his children. Fathers are also expected to provide stable love and emotional support for their little ones. Furthermore, fathers are also expected to be actively involved in their little one’s life, both emotionally and physically.

“Being involved in [the child’s] daily activities, as well as providing encouragement and support in achieving goals,” said Danang in complement.

Benefits of fathers playing with children
There are several benefits to children playing with children. The following are some of them according to Danang.

  1. Strengthen emotional connections
    An emotional bond between father and son will be formed when the two play together. The trust between the two will also become stronger.
  2. Improve social skills
    Danang said that through play, a child will learn about various things. This includes sharing, working together, and communicating with other people. Dad can play a role in this matter.
  1. Learning positive values
    When playing with children, fathers have the opportunity to inject positive values into life. Call it the values of honesty, respect, and cooperation.
  2. Increase children’s creativity
    Playing with dad, said Danang, encourages children to think creatively and use their imagination. This activity will ultimately help your little one to develop thinking skills.
  3. Learn to solve problems
    Through play, children will learn to face challenges. Dad can help his little one learn to solve problems.

Source: CNN Indonesia