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Indonesia Attends 42nd UNESCO General Conference

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Suharti invited all parties to UNESCO to prioritize peace focusing on education, culture, science, and information technology.

“Indonesia will keep on building partnerships with UNESCO to reach these mutual purposes,” Suharti said as quoted from the ministry’s official website on Monday, November 13, 2023.

Indonesia attended the 42nd UNESCO General Conference on November 10 in Paris, France. During the conference, Suharti explained that Indonesia possesses 10 world heritage and more than 11,000 intangible cultural heritage with 12 recognized by UNESCO.

According to Suharti, Indonesia acknowledged the central role of cultures in facing the global crisis. It will hold an international conference in August 2024 to explore how national cultural resources could contribute to tackling multidimensional crises.

Additionally, as a country of mega-biodiversity, Indonesia is responsible for maintaining its sustainability through various UNESCO programs. Indonesia is committed to conducting inclusive research and innovation for sustainable resource utilization in various sectors, supporting conservation, and initiating a green and blue economy.

Thus, Indonesia will host the World Water Forum in Bali next year, emphasizing global collaboration concerning water-related crises.

Concerning communication and information, Indonesia firmly stands with the Memory of the World initiative which has the purpose of sustaining documentary heritage and its accessibility.

Indonesia also acknowledged the gravity of issues such as disinformation, cyber threats, and online harassment. “Indonesia is firm in its commitment to facilitate a dignified free data flow, including the cross-border initiative,” Suharti said.

During the meeting, Indonesia also announced that it’s running as a member of the UNESCO Executive Boards and Governing Boards of The International Programme for the Development of Communication for the 2023-2027 period.

“We hope for the support from state members [of UNESCO] to ensure Indonesia’s positive contribution to reach its national purpose to become part of the international community, and the mutual purpose to support UNESCO and its state members to prioritize peace,” Suharti concluded.

Source: Tempo.co