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Committee I DPD RI Monitors the Stages of the 2024 Election in South Sulawesi

To oversee the preparation of the 2024 Election, Committee I Indonesian Regional Representative Council (DPD) RI held a working meeting with the Indonesian Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) in South Sulawesi Province.

The meeting, which was attended by various parties, including the South Sulawesi Provincial General Election Commission (KPU) and law enforcement, discussed the Supervision of the Implementation of the Election Law to ensure compliance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution and the principle of Direct, General, Free, and Secret, Honest and Fair (LUBER JURDIL).

Vice Chairwoman of Committee I DPD RISylviana Murni, highlighted the importance of solidity among election organizers, preparation stages, and regional government budget support.

“Committee I DPD supports the strengthening of Bawaslu in handling election violations and suppressing the number of violations in the upcoming 2024 Election as small as possible,” said Vice Chairwoman of Committee I DPD RI Sylviana Murni along with Chairman of Committee I DPD RI Fachrul Razi.

Senator Ajiep Padindang emphasized his hope for the South Sulawesi Bawaslu in the success of the 2024 Election.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the South Sulawesi Bawaslu, Mardiana Rusli, emphasized the readiness of his staff involving thousands of supervisors at the village level to the polling stations.

“Of course, in the context of prevention, supervision, and action, Bawaslu needs a structural device. In South Sulawesi, Bawaslu has 80 commissioners, 933 Sub-district Supervisory Committees (Panwascam), 3095 Kelurahan / Village Supervisory Committees and later Bawaslu will recruit as many as 26,345 supervisors for the TPS level spread across 24 districts and cities,” he explained.

The Governor’s Expert Staff for People’s Welfare, Jayadi Nas, said that the South Sulawesi provincial government had made serious preparations, including regulations, funding, logistics, and anticipation of problems.