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Erick Thohir’s Reforms Succeed, SOE Dividends Reach Rp 74.1 Trillion

The steps taken by Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMNErick Thohir to make improvements are said by observers to have shown results.

This was revealed directly by the Executive Director of the Segara Research Institute, Piter Abdullah. He pointed out that the realization of BUMN dividend payments to the state is one of the benchmarks for the success of BUMN transformation.

“We should appreciate the better performance of SOEs, which is reflected in the increasing SOE dividend payments to the state,” said Piter in Jakarta, Saturday, November 25, 2023.

According to Piter, SOE dividends to the state, which reached IDR 74.1 trillion, are a positive thing. This realization was recorded for the period up to October and has the potential to increase until the end of the year.

Piter assessed that the realization of dividends, which was 150 percent higher than the initial target, deserves appreciation. This shows that the results of transformation and cleanup have encouraged SOEs to become healthier and have an impact on increasing contributions to the state.

“The better performance of SOEs is certainly inseparable from the SOE reforms that continue to be carried out by SOE Minister Erick Thohir,” said Piter.

One of Erick’s big breakthroughs that have proven to encourage BUMN’s performance to be more effective and efficient is the formation of a holding. Consolidation through holding makes BUMN work more focused and integrated between BUMNs with similar core businesses.

“The strategy of forming a holding, which aims to increase the focus of SOEs, has gradually shown its results,” continued Piter.

However, according to Piter, several problems and challenges are still hanging over several BUMNs.

Piter said that efforts to improve several BUMNs, especially those engaged in the infrastructure sector, require time and comprehensive handling. “We also have to admit that there are still many challenges and problems faced by SOEs. For example, state-owned enterprises.

But in my view, these problems can still be overcome. “The ministry of SOEs must immediately find the best solution in solving all problems in BUMN works and also other BUMNs,” concluded Piter.