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Majapahit Cluster Panjibuwono City Bekasi Launches Damar Type and Inaugurates Private Swimming Pool in Cluster

Responding to the high demand for housing in the price range of Rp500 million per unit, developer Dwicitra Landhas released a new house, Type Damar, in Majapahit Cluster in Panjibuwono CityBekasi, West Java.

Dwicitra Land Director Sigit Pratama said Majapahit is one of the best residential clusters in the Bekasi area. It is not surprising that the public response to the housing units in the cluster is quite high.

“Of the total development area of Majapahit Cluster of 3 hectares, which includes 277 houses, around 40 percent have been sold. Apart from being equipped with supporting facilities such as a playground, thematic garden, and private swimming pool, the unit prices we offer are also relatively affordable, starting from Rp500 million per unit,” he said, after the inauguration of the Majapahit Cluster Private Swimming Pool entitled “Livin in Harmony: Knitting Togetherness in Panjibuwono City”, last weekend.

Dwicitra Land’s Marketing Manager, Albert Permana, explained that Type Damar has a land area of 72 square meters with a building area of 36 square meters. This type has two bedrooms and a 2-car carport with a canopy. According to him, there are many benefits for home seekers in the Majapahit Cluster, including DP subsidies, free mortgage and BPHTB fees, and installment subsidies for 2 years.

“Consumers only need to pay a booking fee of Rp2.5 million and can immediately take the unit. In addition, we also have an installment subsidy program with Bank BTN called “Amazing Deal”. In this program, consumers only need to pay installments starting from 1 million for 2 years. This is valid until the sales period in December 2023,” he explained.

According to him, the Majapahit cluster area reaches 3 hectares, and only 40 percent has been built. Later a total of 277 housing units will be built in the Majapahit Cluster. The land area is all the same at 72 meters, with variants of types 33, 36, and 43 (3 rooms).

“Welcoming the high interest of housing seekers, including millennials, we want to try to grab all market segments. We provide many conveniences in the process of buying a house, affordable prices with facilities equivalent to real estate,” he said.

Albert is optimistic that all units will be completed by 2024. This is due to government support through the VAT-free program. This program provides a positive atmosphere for the property industry as a whole.

“The VAT-free program will lift sales and we hope to be able to complete the project within 2024. We are optimistic with the government program and cluster facilities that have all been built,” he explained.

The developer, Dwicitra Land, has also prepared complete facilities for all clusters in Panjibuwono City Bekasi, including the Majapahit Cluster. According to Albert, although there is already a Water Park in the Panjibuwono City area, the company has also built a private swimming pool in the Majapahit Cluster.