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PLN-Huawei Inaugurate Joint Innovation Center, Collaboration to Accelerate Digitalization

PT PLN (Persero) and Huawei Indonesia inaugurated the Joint Innovation Center (JIC) collaboration to accelerate the development and adaptation of new technologies, digital infrastructure, and digital transformation.

This is done to support the energy transition steps in Indonesia. The inauguration was marked by a signing agreement by both parties at PLN Headquarters, Jakarta, Friday, November 24, 2023.

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo explained that JIC is a forum and center for the development of joint digital innovation, end to end from the electricity sector and beyond electricity (Beyond kWh).

“The container is intended to maximize and strengthen the business potentials owned by PLN,” Darmawan Prasodjo explained after the inauguration of the cooperation.

According to him, the energy transition from fossil energy to new renewable energy (EBT) is a big challenge that PLN and the world face today. For this reason, the existence of this JIC will be a strong foundation in answering every challenge in achieving the mission.

“This JIC will be a foundation, where we will be able to map every technical challenge, strategic challenge, operational challenge, and investment challenge, in such a way. So that every challenge can be overcome, can be mitigated, can be managed so that we can continue to move forward and achieve our mission,” he said.

Darmawan continued, that this kind of global collaboration proves to the world that PLN is very serious about addressing climate change not only at the national and regional levels but also globally.

“This joint effort shows the world that PLN is not only serious in fighting climate change, but we take leadership not only at the national level, not only at the regional level but also at the world level,” he added.

This, Darmawan continued, is global climate change, a global challenge, a global problem, therefore it must be addressed globally. For this reason, he highly appreciates Huawei for agreeing to cooperate in the JIC with PLN.

He also hopes that this cooperation can be expanded in scope so that it can have a direct impact on the business transformation and energy transition carried out by PLN.

“I sincerely appreciate the Huawei team, PLN team, and experts. The hard work is extraordinary, hopefully, this will not only be implemented but also expanded immediately so that the impact is immediately tangible in the field as well,” Darmawan said.

Director of Corporate Planning and Business Development of PLN Hartanto Wibowo explained, that three things became a joint agreement from the JIC this time. First is the innovation center, second is the enablement center, and third is the experience center.