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Mamasuka Expands Its Business Line to Frozen Food, Launches Mamasuka Chicken Nugget

 PT Daesang Agung Indonesia has expanded into a new business line in the frozen food business. This step is marked by the development of a new product “Chicken Nugget Mamasuka“. This is in line with the lifestyle demands of Indonesian consumers who tend to be more practical and healthy products.

Marketing Director of PT Daesang Agung Indonesia, Mr. Choi Ho Yul, explained that frozen food in Indonesia is growing and chicken nuggets are a food with a fairly high protein source and are favored by Indonesians. Nuggets are generally made from chicken meat with a variety of choices.

“Nugget is the choice of families today because it is practical in serving, fulfills family protein needs, and good taste is more easily accepted by the Indonesian people,” said Mr. Choi Ho Yul, on the sidelines of the Launching of Chicken Nugget Mama Suka, at the Harris Kelapa Gading Hotel, North Jakarta, Monday, November 20, 2023.

To meet the tastes of the market, Mamasuka presents two flavors of Chicken Nugget, namely original and premium. Both flavors are made from selected chicken breast meat, unlike other nugget products which are a mixture of breast and other meat parts. This makes the color appearance of Mamasuka Chicken Nugget much whiter than other similar products.

“Especially for the Mamasuka Chicken Nugget Premium variant, it comes with Korean-style Honey Garlic Sauce. This packaging is offered specifically to meet the high demand of the market, which currently loves the Gingseng Culinary,” said Mr. Choi Ho Yul.

Mamasuka Chicken Nugget comes in two packaging sizes, namely Original 150 grams and 400 grams and Premium 170 grams and 460 grams. The contents of the packaging of the two variants are also more, where the 400-gram and 460-gram packages contain 20+5 pcs and the 150-gram and 170-gram packages contain 6+3 pcs.

Business Strategy & Marketing Director of PT DAI, Nina R Wardhani, revealed that the Mamasuka Nugget product is the first step in entering the frozen food business. Where, the frozen food poultry business in Indonesia will reach Rp 13.2 trillion in 2023, with an estimated growth of 14.2%. “This is a big opportunity and shows that the frozen food business is growing in Indonesia,” he added.

According to Nina R Wardhani, PT Daesang Agung Indonesia (DAI) and PT Daesang Food Indonesia (DFI) are subsidiaries of Daesang Corporation, headquartered in South Korea. With brands MIWON & Mamasuka.

“Products from Daesang Indonesia have been well known by the Indonesian people since almost 50 years ago,” he said.

Deasang Indonesia has produced and marketed leading culinary products with various variants such as seasoning flour, GIM (seaweed), dressing sauce, canned food, convenience food, jelly, powdered drinks, and Korean food (Kimchi, Toppoki, Japchae).

President Director of PT DAI and PT DFI Mr. Lee Sang Woo added that the company has a global vision, to be ‘a lifetime partner to enrich your healthy, delicious, and balanced life’. The vision in Indonesia is to become the leading FMCG company in this beloved country by developing a sustainable business through quality products, and safe, healthy, and satisfying consumers.