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Election 2023: Bhumitham—Pheu Thai fighting Thaksin’s roster knots

Phumtham-Chonnan Came out to deny the news flow, fly Hong Kong, ask “Thaksin” to knock on the list of the Pheu Thai party.

On February 26, 2023, reporters reported that Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Leader of the Pheu Thai Party Denying the news in the case of bringing a list of potential candidates, Pheu Thai Party’s list Traveled to Hong Kong to wait to discuss with Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Prime Minister, that there was a huge discrepancy and mismatch with reality. Please clarify as follows.

1. I am still unable to travel abroad or upcountry. Because at the end of the year 65, I underwent a kidney transplant. After the surgery, he had to recuperate in a sterile room alone for 45 days, although at this time his body was gradually recovering. But there are still suggestions from doctors to refrain from traveling. and refrain from being in a crowded community until the end of March So the news that I traveled to Hong Kong therefore not true

2. Preparing a list of applicants for the list of applicants is the responsibility of candidate nomination committee, party leader, party secretary and party executive committee Although I am the deputy leader of the party But it works according to the duties assigned by the party leader / party secretary. and the party executive committee

In this regard, the preparation of the list of candidates, the list of applicants will begin the process from the candidate selection committee. that must notify the political party representative branch party executive committee and members nominate a list of worthy persons It is in accordance with the organic law on political parties.

“Final consideration is only the responsibility of the party executive committee to approve the list and prioritize candidates,” said Mr Phumtham.

Chon Nan Srikaew, MP Nan, leader of the Pheu Thai Party said in such matters that Mr. Phumitham has already clarified that this is not true. In addition, he talked to Mr. Phumithamma all the time. And Mr. Phumitham still needs time to recover from kidney transplantation, so going abroad is untrue news.

Mr. Phumtham is still in Thailand. Also, the process of preparing applicants List of MPs Starting from showing intent to be a roster candidate. The nomination committee has received it and must send it to the constituency to give an opinion on which name will be approved on the list. After that, it was sorted.

Therefore, sending a list to someone to knock on is not possible. Because that account must be sent to all 400 opinion constituencies, so the news process is not a real process.

source: prachachat