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Rapid Speech: “Thaksin” returns home

Flash Speech: ‘Thaksin’ will return home

If following the analysis of the political gurus There is one conclusion that is often repeated.

It is a warning to “Thaksin Shinawatra” to stop talking or stop political movement. implying good intentions for the democratic side Because it is often seen that the expression of “Thaksin” becomes a alignment of the opposite side. damaging democratic politicians

The latest is confirmation that he will return home (Thailand) soon. And the one who will announce when it is will be the daughter. Aung Ing – Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra

As soon as “Thaksin” spoke out like that Virtually every analytical wave is pointing in the direction of making “Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha” turned from low to gaining a pouring voice for the reason that the choice of “Uncle Tu” (of conservative authoritarians) would be the only way to close the way home of ” Thaksin

bring politics back to “You won’t choose us, they will definitely come” with “Thaksin” as a “demon” that must be eliminated.

Warning voices from the gurus sounded stern because they were worried that “Thaksin” would recharge the “demon” power that the “liberal democratic side” was afraid of, which had almost disappeared to rise again. because the opposing parties need to unite to add strength as one

In which it is likely that the political trend will turn around like that.

But if you look back at the political games of “Thaksin” in the past, the strategy of elections often causes confusion as to why. Because what you do is likely to be more beneficial to the political party than the rivals.

Whether it’s “not stopping to get involved in politics Despite knowing and knowing that it was an open point for the opposite party to attack Nominating a sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, as a candidate for Prime Minister which is equivalent to reinforcing its status as a family party.”

But if you follow the result You will find that every game that “Thaksin” puts back is successful. It means winning the overwhelming majority of the elections. Whether it was the times when Thais love Thais, power of the people, and coming for Thais.

certain! In conclusion, at the end, “Thaksin” was still defeated because even though he won the election to form a government but had to be coup d’état and suffer the fate of having to wander outside of Thailand

But that’s a matter of defeat against non-democratic powers. which is the power that is not conducive to “Thaksin” to take part in anyway . All elected politicians If coming to power, the state will all be driven away by a “coup d’état” from the “power that uses troops and equipment” to seize them all.

The only way for “Thaksin” to fight is only when it is necessary to “Return power to the people” only

And if you follow closely, you will find that in “People’s Power” , even if they do things that no one understands why they do it. Because not only is it unlikely to produce good results But it also seems to be more beneficial to the opposite party.

But in the result that is “Thaksin never misses his target.”

Therefore, it is worth following that “This time too”?

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