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Govt Urges for Public Transport Electrification Nationwide

The Transportation Ministry’s directorate general of land transport in a statement on Thursday has pushed for the use of electric vehicles in public transportation. The director general, Suharto, believes the EV industry has grown exponentially due to the subsiding pandemic and support from the government through incentives. 

“Following the pandemic, today we are enjoying technological advances in the transportation sector together. Those that are closely related to [the Transportation Ministry] are namely automotive and electric vehicles. The dynamics in automotive is incredible,” said Suharto at the ASEAN’s International Trade Fair for Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Logistics & Mining Solutions on May 25. 

He said that Presidential Decree No.55/2019 has covered this aspect of electrification and that his Ministry continues to support the use of electric vehicles. 

“We have a road map where 2030 there will be several public transportation in a number of cities that will be pilot projects on the use of electric public transportation,” said Suharto who aims to see all public transportation across the nation be powered by electricity in 2045. 

Source: tempo