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VP Amin hopes more Indonesians to pursue higher education

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said that he expects more Indonesians to pursue higher education, a target that can be achieved through efforts such as inviting Indonesians studying overseas to motivate others.

Citing 2022 data from the Home Affairs Ministry, Amin said that of the total population of Indonesia, only 0.02 percent of people have doctoral degrees, 0.3 percent hold master’s degrees, and less than 5 percent have bachelor’s degrees.

“So, in total, there is only 6 percent of Indonesians with higher education,” he said during the Alumni Connect event organized by the Global Indonesian Students’ Association (PPI) here on Friday.

Amin said that the 2022 figures show that very few citizens are opting for tertiary education, and he hopes that the figures will continue to rise with the help of PPI alumni as a driving force for the advancement of education in Indonesia.

“I hope that programs and activities from PPI can inspire many Indonesians to pursue higher education overseas and then return to Indonesia to develop the nation and state,” he added.

He also called upon the members of the association to consider the demographic bonus projected in 2020–2050.

“Our country is projected to experience a demographic bonus from 2030 to 2040, with (the number of) people in the productive age (group) reaching 180 million, or two-thirds of the total population,” Amin noted.

Given the projection, thorough planning and strategies from all stakeholders are required so that Indonesia can benefit from the demographic bonus, he said.

He further said he is confident that the alumni, who have plenty of experience and knowledge after studying abroad, can contribute greatly to the state and its people.

“I am proud that Indonesians who study abroad return to Indonesia and dedicate themselves to their country. I believe that this is a valuable asset for Indonesia’s development,” he said.

“I also expect that the alumni will guide their juniors who are still not finished with their education continuously, until we get more Indonesian students, who, in turn, will return to Indonesia, more and more,” he added.

Source: antaranews