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The Most Expensive Units in Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection Housing Goes on Sale, Start at Rp 12 Billion

 Bali is indeed a world tourism magnet, no wonder now the Island of the Gods is increasingly visited by foreign tourists. Favorite tourist locations such as Ubud, which is known as the center of Balinese culture, have also become the central point of attraction for tourists.

The increase in tourist visits in Bali has also encouraged the growth of the property business climate in Bali, including premium properties that are widely found on the Island of the Gods. One of them is Damara Village Ubud Alaya CollectionBali, a premium property by Greenwoods Group, and Alaya Hotels and Resorts.

Greenwoods Group and Alaya Hotels & Resorts have now started marketing their most expensive housing unit in the Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection area, Bali, namely the premium residential type Dinara. This exclusive type of unit is only available in 7 units.

“We have started selling premium units of Dinara type with the inauguration of the show unit. For the Dinara type, we offer a starting price of Rp12 billion through hard cash, installments, and mortgages. Dinara type is very limited, and only 7 units are available,” said Greenwoods Group CEO, Okie Imanto in an official statement, Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

According to Okie, Bali as the center of world tourism has always attracted the attention of investors. Since the Covid-19 period, Balihas remained the target of world property investors, now with the increasing number of foreign tourists, it has boosted the sales of property units in Bali.

“The first phase of Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection sold out 100 percent within 9 months. Then we continued with the marketing of the second phase of 34 units in November 2022. Of the total 56 units, 70 percent have been sold out,” he said.

Okie expressed optimism that the premium residential Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection type Dinara which began to be marketed would also be successful. Apart from being 20 percent sold, many tourists and foreign investors have made Bali their second home.

This is based on research released by global consulting firm Knight Frank which states that Bali is one of the top ten destinations chosen for investment by the rich as a second home.

Bali as an international tourist destination has always been a magnet for the world community. This spurs the need for property as one of its main supporters to continue to increase from time to time,” he said.

“With a growth of 7.5 percent since 2021, the average occupancy in Bali reaches 75 percent and this is what makes the potential for property investment in Bali very attractive,” he continued.

Okie added, Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection also recorded its own success when participating in the International Property Show by Property Guru in Singapore at the end of July 2023.