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LRT Jabodebek Serves 28,925 Passengers Since Inauguration

LRT Jabodebek transported 28,925 passengers during two days of its operation since its inauguration on Monday, August 28, 2023. 

On Monday, the number of passengers reached 5,520 people. The number skyrocketed the day after, recording 23,705 passengers on Tuesday, August 29, 2023. 

“Dukuh Atas Station, Cawang Station, and Kuningan Station were the ones serving the most passengers,” said the VP of the Indonesian railways company public relations Joni Martinus in a written statement on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

Joni explained that there are currently 158 trips daily from 12 trainsets, of the targeted 27 trainsets, with a 40,000-45,000 passengers capacity. 

According to Joni, the target will be subject to evaluation. “If the number of passengers increases and the demand is rising, we will recommend to the Transportation Ministry to add the number of trainsets and trips,” he said

The agency also expressed apologies for several discomforts experienced by the passengers during the trips. Reportedly, there was still a jolt when the train stopped, and technical errors such as doors that refused to close, no AC and electricity, and the information boards that did not function optimally.

“The Indonesian Railways Company is committed to repair and improve its services,” Joni concluded.