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Indonesia Police: Promoting Online Gambling Punishable by 6 Years Imprisonment

The National Police Director for Cyber Crime Brigadier General Adi Vivid Agustiadi Bachtiar stressed that people who promote online gambling can be prosecuted under Article 44 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 27 paragraph 2 of the Electronic Information and Transactions or ITE Law which carries a penalty of 6 years in prison and a fine of Rp1 billion.

“We are taking firm action against those who promote online gambling,” Adi said when met at National Police’s Crime Directorate (Bareskrim) Headquarters, on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

The cyber police have repeatedly warned the public, particularly influencers and celebrities, about online gambling. Adi lamented that many influencers were promoting online gambling. “It is clear that they were trying to influence their followers to gamble,” he said.

Adi claimed that the police were monitoring influencers who went viral promoting gambling. The police, he added, had pocketed several names of these influencers.

“They were under our surveillance. That’s why we urge others not to do it anymore. We are investigating past cases, making calls for clarification, and when it’s complete, we will process it,” Adi explained. “If the criminal elements are fulfilled, we will definitely process them.”

However, Adi stopped short of disclosing how many influencers would be summoned, asserting that they could not escape the accusation that they had indeed promoted online gambling. “They may not be aware of promoting online loans or online investments, but it’s clear for online gambling.”