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Pertamina Mulls Phasing Out Pertalite in 2024

Nicke Widyawati, the president director of state-owned gas and oil giant Pertamina, confirmed that the government is planning to phase out its subsidized gasoline brand Pertalite and promote Pertamax Green 92 as a replacement. The decision has not yet been made as the internal study is still ongoing.

Pertamax Green 92 is a fuel blend of 92-octane Pertamax and 5-percent bioethanol. Nicke claimed that it offers better quality and is an environmentally friendly fuel due to its higher octane content compared to 90-octane Pertalite. Besides benefiting vehicle engines, a high-octane fuel could also help reduce emissions produced.

“However, this is just a proposal, so it is not up for debate,” Nicke said as quoted from a written statement, Thursday, August 31, 2023. She added that the price would also be discussed by the government. 

In a hearing with the House of Representatives (DPR) Commission VII on Wednesday, August 30, Nicke announced that Pertamina would only sell three fuel products, viz. Pertamax Green 92, Pertamax Green 95, and Pertamax Turbo.

Nicke explained that the replacement of Pertalite with Pertamax 92 is part of its Langit Biru or Blue Sky program following the upgrade of 80-octane gasoline to 90-octane. “We increase the fuel subsidy from RON 90 to 92,” she said.

According to Nicke, this is in line with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s (KLHK) mandate that the minimum octane level of fuel be 91. The use of bioethanol would also help suppress carbon emissions and meet bioenergy consumption. “And it will reduce gasoline imports as well,” she concluded.