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PLN to Lower Electrical Power in Suralaya Plant Ahead of ASEAN Summit

President Director of the National Electricity Company (PLN) Darmawan Prasodjo reported that his company will lower the electrical power in the Suralaya Steam Power Plant in Banten. The measure is taken in preparation for the ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, on September 5-7, 2023.

Darmawan said that the plan is intended to reduce the level of air pollution in Jakarta. “[PLN] lowers the electrical power of one power plant, Suralaya, in order to improve the condition regarding the air pollution in Jakarta,” Dermawan said during a meeting in Jakarta on Thursday, August 31, 2023.

As an exchange for the reduced power, PLN increased the operation of the combined-cycle power plant (PLTGU) in PLTGU Muara Karang, PLTGU Muara Tawar, and PLTGU Priok.

“By adding the PLTGU, [electrical power] reserve surpasses 36% which is more than enough,” Darmawan said.

Moreover, Darmawan also ensures that all electrical infrastructure and personnel are alerted and ready to safeguard the 43rd ASEAN Summit.

“We have prepared all power plants and [ensure] that the fuel or primary energy from gasoline, fuel oil, and coal, are all set,” he said.

In addition, the electric vehicles service for the ASEAN Summit participants has been prepared. PLN provides 76 EV Charging stations to serve 560 electric cars and 240 electric motorcycles.