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Indonesia, China Start Studying Whoosh Extension to Surabaya

Public Relations VP of state-owned railway company PT KAI, Joni Martinus, responded to the news of the government’s plan to extend the Whoosh Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train to Surabaya in East Java.

“The KAI has not been much involved in the study of the Jakarta-Surabaya high-speed train,” Joni said in a short message on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Kartika Wirjoatmodjo revealed that the Indonesian and Chinese governments had agreed to conduct a joint study on extending the bullet train to Surabaya.

“But it takes time. We are conducting a joint study with China to see the feasibility and the cost of the project,” the deputy minister, known as Tiko, said in the InJourney office in Sarinah Building, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday.

He explained that China was tapped as the project partner for its experience in developing the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail. However, both governments would first review the results of the joint study.

Tiko also said the collaboration has not yet discussed which companies will be involved. “We have only talked with the NDRC (China’s National Defense Research Committee),” he added.

When asked about the financing scheme and the schedule for the extension line of the Whoosh Jakarta-Bandung to Surabaya, the SOE Deputy Minister said he could not disclose it yet since the study has just begun.

Source: Tempo