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Trying a Toyota Electric Car Without a Gas Pedal or Brake Pedal

Toyota is trying to make new breakthroughs that make things easier for drivers. This new technology that is being developed makes it easier for people with disabilities to be able to drive a car.

So, the brake and gas pedals in the foot space are removed. The position of the pedals was moved to the steering wheel. More or less an easy depiction is like the gas lever on an ATV vehicle.

It is located on the right side of the steering wheel and is positioned to fit the thumb if the hand is in the driving position at 9.15 o’clock (the left hand is in the number 9 position and the right hand is in the number 3 position).

Meanwhile, the brake lever is made like a bicycle brake lever, but in a vertical position, located on the left and right in the same position as the gas lever. Because it is still a prototype and in its experimental period, the appearance of the steering wheel looks very messy with various sensors and adapters. The car that became the guinea pig was the Lexus RZ.

It’s time to try out what it feels like to drive without operating the gas pedal and brake pedal. Amazed, that was the initial impression that came out when I was in the wheelhouse. The feet reflexively look for the two pedals. Some instructions are given by the technician to start the car. The method is similar to when you, for those who have ever, drive an ATV.

The pressure on the lever attached to the thumb is very sensitive, especially as the RZ as a BEV has large torque and is responsive. So, the pressure applied must be very smooth to move the start. Likewise, the operation of the brake lever is also sensitive. Adjustment and adaptation are the main keys when trying it. Apart from that, reflex movements during certain conditions must also be adapted as anticipatory steps. It’s fun, but feels a bit strange at the same time. When will this technology introduced as Neo Steering be applied by Toyota? They also don’t have a definite answer as to when it will be implemented.

Source: Kompas.com