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5 Signs of Abnormal Memory Decline

Getting older is closely related to memory decline. For example, you often forget to put your glasses on or don’t remember the name of the child next door.

Even though it can be frustrating, being forgetful is normal. “Some degree of memory decline can be considered normal, especially as you get older,” said Yale School of Medicine neurologist Carmen Carrion.

This memory decline apparently doesn’t only happen to people we consider “old”. According to Dr.Michael Rosenbloom, a neurologist, in our 30s we start to lose nerve cells. “Over time, we become less efficient in learning and remembering. This is the cycle of life, when we are young and students, we have to learn a lot of information, but as we get older this is not critical,” he said.

However, some types of memory loss are not normal and can indicate a bigger problem, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Not being able to learn new things. Technological developments mean that there are many new things that we have to master, starting from increasingly sophisticated cellphone features, to GPS capabilities.

If we’re having trouble learning something new, it’s worth paying attention to. “It’s normal if we have a new gadget and it takes time to master it. But, if we can’t learn it at all, we have to start being alert,” said neurologist Charles Bernick.

Source: Kompas.com