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Ragunan Wildlife Park, South Jakarta’s Sheet Pile Collapses Due to Heavy Rain

Warga berada di Kebun Binatang Ragunan, Jakarta, Sabtu (20/6/2020). Agensi Anadolu/Anton Raharjo

Heavy rain fell on the Jakarta area, but the plaster walls of the Ragunan Wildlife Park, on Jalan Harsono RM, South Jakarta, collapsed.

There were no casualties as a result of this incident. Ragunan Wildlife Park security guard, Rizky, said the incident occurred on Sunday (5/11) at around 15.00 WIB. According to him, the sheet pile collapsed when rain poured down on the South Jakarta area.

“It happened yesterday afternoon around 14.00 WIB to 15.00 WIB when Ragunan closed, the rain stopped. (It collapsed) because of the rain. There were no victims,” said Rizky when met by journalists, Monday (6/11).

Rizky said that half of the lanes were closed yesterday as a result of the incident. According to him, this incident had no impact on traffic flow on Jalan Harsono RM.

“Yesterday, the other side of the route was closed. Isn’t it congested because this is the inner route so there’s less activity, at least a few people cut their way to Kebagusan,” he said.

Rizky said that when the incident happened, officers immediately cleared up the remaining land until 03.30 WIB. Until now, officers are still cleaning up the remaining soil from the collapsed sheet pile.

“It was immediately cleaned up until half past 4 in the morning. Currently the officers are still cleaning it up,” he explained.

detikcom monitoring on Jalan Harsono RM, TMR, South Jakarta, Monday (6/11/2023), at 11.21 WIB, showed that the sheet pile was 15 meters high. The sheet pile collapsed to a width of approximately 20 meters.

The collapsed sheet pile has been marked with a yellow line that says ‘Caution Do Not Enter’. You can also see a water barrier and traffic cone next to the collapsed sheet pile.

Officers are also at the location clearing up the remaining land. Several motorists occasionally saw the collapsed sheet pile.

Source: Detik news