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Warkop Motor, Coffee Art on the Edge of the Rice Fields

With the rise of coffee lovers, this time the taste is different if you drink coffee from a coffee shop on a motorbike on the edge of the rice fields.

You can find Nyeni coffee in Dukuh Ngasinan, Pamotan District, Rembang Regency. This coffee shop on the edge of the rice fields. The location of this location is a small footpath that is usually used by local residents and farmers to go to the rice fields.

The owner of the coffee shop on the edge of the rice fields is Sobirin. A man born on January 13 2001, a resident of Dukuh Karang Asri, Pamotan Village. Use your free time in the afternoon to make a simple coffee business.

Sobirin said that the idea of selling coffee on motorbikes came from the difficulty of finding work opportunities in Rembang. Sobirin saw this as an opportunity. Moreover, there are still no people selling coffee in locations on the edge of the rice fields with a natural concept.

“Instead of wasting my time in the afternoon, I’d rather sell coffee on the sidelines for additional expenses for the family,” said Sobirin to Indonesianews.co.id, Sunday (05/11/2023).

Sobirin chooses ground coffee which is typical of the city of Rembang and also sells other brands of coffee sachets. Not only selling coffee, Sobirin also sells other iced drinks so that visitors who may not like coffee can buy iced drinks while enjoying the sunset on the edge of the rice fields. Apart from being practical and affordable, Sobirin sets wallet-friendly prices, ranging from 4 thousand rupiah to 6 thousand rupiah.

Sobirin chose a location where many young people hang out in the afternoon. With the sensation of a calming sunset on the edge of the rice fields, the teenagers were having fun chatting while sipping coffee and away from the noise of motorized vehicles.

“Coffee here is delicious. While looking at the rice fields and sunset. “The atmosphere is very different from that of coffee shops in general,” said Rizki, one of the coffee buyers at Sobirin’s motorbike cafe.

The sensation of gathering and chatting makes free time feel very peaceful while feeling the gentle breeze, refreshing your mind for a moment.

Sobirin hopes that the rice field coffee at his motorbike cafe can develop. “In the future, I want to be open until the evening, but I am constrained by the capital to buy land for the shade for visitors. Maybe in the future I will look for capital to build a shaded place so that my business can be open until the evening.” (Aziz/Trisno/Rbg).

Source: Indonesia News